New release of DataMover and DataOptimizer -
Posted by Roger Beck on 01 April 2013 04:30 PM

Dear customer,

Bright Technologies has released a new version of DataMover and DataOptimizer.

This release brings an important change for end users using symlinked directories.

Revised the handling of symbolic links (a.k.a. soft links, symlinks) - by default, symbolic links contained within the specified source content will now be followed.  The new option --dont-followlinks was added to allow for disabling this default behavior.

In addition, the build brings support for OS/X 10.7 & 10.8.
At the same time, OS/X 10.5 and Redhat 4 based systems will be EOL and wont be any longer supported. Last official build is 4.2.0-x.

Please download the latest version at

    Mover Release Notes Optimizer Release Notes    
Windows 32bit Build Build    
Windows 64bit Build Build    
RedHat4 32bit (EOL) Build 4.2.0-10700 Build 4.2.0-10700    
RedHat4 64bit (EOL) Build 4.2.0-10700 Build 4.2.0-10700    
RedHat5 32bit Build Build    
RedHat5 64bit Build Build    
RedHat6 32bit Build Build    
RedHat6 64bit Build Build    
SUSE10 32bit Build Build    
SUSE10 64bit Build Build    
SUSE11 32bit Build Build    
SUSE11 64bit Build Build    
OS.X 10.5 (EOL) Build 4.2.0-10700 Build 4.2.0-10723    
OS/X 10.6 Build Build    
OS/X 10.7 & 10.8 Build Build    


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